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The China Perspective provides extensive data and analysis on major markets and trends affecting the Chinese economy. Featuring unrivaled content, we deliver daily coverage of major corporate and industry news and collation and aggregation of economic data from over 300 sources, along with insightful knowledge on the many factors shaping China’s rapidly-changing economy.

City Provinces Retail
Data for more than 20 major cities including government statistics, employment figures, real estate, as well as a breakdown of major retailers and publicly traded companies that operate in each city Data on publicly-traded companies within each province, government data from monthly and yearly reports, including: electricity consumption, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Fixed-Asset Investment (FAI) retail spending and more Extensive information on the competitive retail marketplace including: which cities and districts are worth investing in, locations where major brands have already established a presence, spending power of specific regions and economic growth factors
Industry Real Estate Employment
A thorough look at 16 industries and data relating to each industry's market share, margins and revenues. Major industries include Agriculture, Auto, Aviation, Banking, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Telecom and more Insightful data on over 200 different districts from 20 plus cities including metrics such as average and median price per square meter per district, MoM price growth as well as average wages to help inform decisions about real estate investments or where is ideal to establish a brand's presence Compilation of data from proprietary and publicly-available information on the current state of the job market, salary requirements, volume of job openings and types of job available
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