Fixed asset investment (FAI) in China rose 20.6% to RMB36.48 trillion in 2012, which was eight times more than the 2002 figure of RMB4.35 trillion. Accumulatively, FAI during the 2002-2012 period amounted to RMB185.73 trillion, marking an annual growth rate of over 25%.

FAI by Sector
In 2012, FAI in the primary sector was up 32.2% to RMB900.4 billion; FAI in the secondary sector was up 20.2% to RMB15.87 trillion; FAI in the tertiary sector was up 20.6% to RMB19.72 trillion.

Funding of FAI
In 2012, funds from state budget were up 29.7% to RMB1.92 trillion; funds from domestic loans were up 8.4% to RMB4.99 trillion; funds from foreign investment were down 10.9% to RMB450.9 billion; self-raised funds were up 21.7% to RMB26.88 trillion.

FAI in Properties
In 2012, investment in China's real estate market rose 16.2% year on year to RMB7.18 trillion, where investment in residential space was up 11.4% to RMB4.94 trillion,


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