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China has become one of the world's most visited tourism markets thanto its booming economy, geographical variations and large amount of historic sites.

In 2012:

- The number of domestic tourists rose 12.1% to 2.96 billion people.

- Domestic tourism revenue rose 17.6% to RMB2.27 trillion in revenues.

- The number of international tourists fell 2.2% to 132.41 million people, including 27.19 million foreigners and 105.21 million from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

- The number overnight international tourists rose 0.3% to 57.72 million people.

- Revenue from international tourists rose 3.1% to $50 billion.

- The number of domestic tourists traveling overseas rose 18.4% to 83.18 million.

- Spending by domestic tourists traveling overseas rose 35.2% to $98 billion.

- The top 5 provincial level regions by tourism revenue were Guangdong (RMB739 billion), Jiangsu (RMB650 billion), Zhejiang (RMB480 billion), Shandong (RMB450 billion) and Shanghai (RMB390 billion).

By 2015:

- The tourism industry's revenue is expected to total RMB2.3 trillion.

- The number of domestic tourists is expected to total 3.3 billion people.

- The number of overnight international tourists is expected to total 66.3 million people.

- 15.25 million people will be directly employed in the tourism industry.

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