Market Research for China's Economy

This page is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive list of market research covering China's economy.  We are always looking to expand our list of market research, please send any suggestions to editor at thechinaperspective dot com with the subject line Market Research.


China Auto Sector (DBS)

This report offers an overview of China's car market from late 2012. Data  on sales of personal and commercial vehicles broken down by market segment, engine displacement and country of origin. Valuations of major automakers and car dealers also offered. 

What “Drives” Chinese Car Drivers (

Since China overtook the US to become the world's largest car market in 2009, figuring out how to appeal to the country's motorists has become a top priority for many of the world's automobile manufacturers. This brief report looks at the factors influencing car buying in China, with special attention paid to the impact of pricing and branding. 

Opportunities and Challenges in China's Automotive Aftermarket (Technomics Asia)

This study from mid 2012 looks at trends emerging for China's auto parts and service industries. 

Towards a Green Automotive Industry (Booz & Co)

With China's 12th Five Year Plan (from 2011 to 2015) focusing on the advancement of next-generation industries and environmentally-friendly technologies, the authors of this report suggest that China's steel makers spearhead partnerships with local institutions to develop new lightweight materials for the auto industry. 

Daimler in China (Daimler)

This report from mid 2012 looks at Daimler's performance to date  in China's automobile market. Projections for future growth and market developments also offered. 

Volkswagen Group China – J.P. Morgan: China Conference 2012 (Volkswagen)

This report from mid 2012 looks at Volkswagen's performance to date  in China's automobile market. Projections for future growth and market developments also offered. 

Overcapacity: a Potential 'Speed Bump' in the World's Largest Automotive Market (KPMG)

As China remains the world's largest car consumer, automakers both domestic and foreign have been rushing to expand in the country's rapidly growing market. This raises concerns about overcapacity and overproduction, dynamics which this report warns could soon take their toll on the industry. 

China Autos (Macquarie Equities Research)

This report from early 2012 looks at major events in China's auto industry while also looking ahead at growth trends and adjustments in consumer sentiment. Also included: sales projections through 2015 as well as performance summaries for major car makers operating in the country. 

BMW Group in China (BMW)

This report from mid 2012 looks at BMW/Mini's performance to date  in China's automobile market. Projections for future growth and market developments also offered. 

Recharging China's Electric Vehicle Aspirations (McKinsey)

Electric vehicles (EVs) may make sense for China's car market, especially from the government's point-of-view, although attempts so far to market such vehicles in the country have met with varying degrees of success. This report outlines possible strategies that market players and decision makers should consider in order to make EVs more commercially viable and turn China into a global leader in the EV sector. 

China Import Auto Market Review and 2012 Import Auto Market Outlook (Sinomach Automobile)

This report from late 2011 presents a variety of data on imported automobile sales in China. Sales broken down by: vehicle type, country/region  of origin, engine displacement, price segment and port of entry, among other variables. 2012 data presented as projections.

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen in China 2012 (Fuel Cell Today)

This report looks at China's fuel cell R&D history and the opportunities facing fuel cell vehicles amid broad government efforts to promote renewable energy. Special emphasis on the market's commercial potential as well as fuel cell and hydrogen-powered vehicle demonstrations. 

GM China Manufacturing (GM)

This brief presentation outlines GM's manufacturing strategy for the China automobile market. Data also offered on local GM sales and market share. 

The China Market: Commercial Opportunities in Public Transportation (U.S. Embassy Beijing)

This slide show focuses on the opportunities and challenges expected for China's transportation market through the 12th Five Year Plan period (2011-2015).

Market Analysis Report: China’s Automotive Industry (APCO)

This 2009 report looks at major trends and developments within China's auto market as well as their implications for both domestic auto manufacturers and foreign carmakers involved in JV tie-ups with local peers. Topics given special attention include: supplier structure, R&D capabilities, government intervention, industry regulations and market opportunities. 



 Embraer China Market Outlook Through 2031

China is expected to have one of the world's fastest growing civil aviation markets  over the coming decades. This report looks at major economic trends expected to drive growth in China and other fast-emerging aviation markets. Market projections through 2031 also offered.



Feeding the Dragon, Why China's Credit System Looks Vulnerable

A look at China's banking system and recent boom in credit as well as the shadow banking system and their vulnerabilities.

FAQ: China's Bond Market (Goldman Sachs)

For foreign investors looking to tap China's growth picture via debt securities, this brief report covers basic questions about the bond market and the products trading in it.

The China Market in Transition: Sharpening for Sustainability (A.M. Best)

This report focuses on the harsher operating conditions facing Chinese insurers, while also offering suggestions for how industry players can sustain growth amid a tightening regulatory environment,  ongoing volatility in the financial market and intensifying competition between insurance providers.

China's Insurance Markets: More Than Just Growth (Asia Capital Re)

This brief report from mid 2012 offers an overview of major features and developments within China's insurance market.

China Private Wealth Report 2011, China's Private Banking Industry: Competition is Getting Fierce (China Merchants Bank, Bain and Company)

This in-depth study from 2011 looks at China's private wealth market with particular emphasis on the opportunities it presents to the private banking industry. 

Securities Clearing and Settlement in China: Market, Infrastructures and Policy-Making (European Central Bank)

This report describes the securities market in China, including the trading and post-trading layers as well as the regulatory and legal architecture that support the market. Policy and organizational aspects of the market also described. 




China Market Pulp Report (

This brief report from January 2011 looks at China's contract and spot markets for pulp.



China Consumer Report (Roland Berger)

Solid economic growth, the emergence of a youthful consuming class, the divergence of spending patterns across urban strata, the growing dominance of e-commerce – this report looks at the effects these and other factors are having on China's consumer market, while also providing a broad survey of local consumer behaviors and trends.

Domestic FMCG Brands to Benefit from China-Japan Rift (BOCOM International)

This circular from late 2012 looks at how the territorial dispute centering on the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands is impacting sales of Japanese- and Chinese-branded consumer good staples (such as food, drinks, toiletries and diapers) in China. 

2012 Mckinsey Annual China Consumer Report (survey of 10,000 consumers in 44 cities)

Chinese consumers are beginning to display some of the same shopping and spending habits commonly seen in most affluent countries, while also holding on to some distinct traits of their own. This report looks at consumption trends and behaviors shaping up across the country. Based on surveys  of 10,000 people  age 18 to 65 from 44 cities. 

Consumer Economy August 2012 (China SignPost)

This brief report looks at some of the causes and implications of the slowdown in consumer spending and economic growth witnessed in China, and elsewhere, in mid-2012. Authors conclude that the 12-18 month period to follow would reveal a “new normal” for Chinese consumption. 

Inside China's hypermarkets: Past and Future Prospects (McKinsey)

This brief report looks at the spending and shopping habits of Chinese hypermarket customers. Authors also identify priorities for hypermarket operators. 

China Consumer Quarterly Update, 1st Quarter 2012 (Cowen and Company Asia)

This list highlights select M&A, private placement and capital market transactions seen among consumer product and consumer service companies operating in China during Q1 2012. 

Greater China Consumer 360 (Nielsen)

This slide show presents key statistics on consumer confidence in China. Data compared to the US and global averages as well as domestic city tiers.

Meet the 2020 Chinese Consumer (McKinsey) This report looks at how emerging economic, social and demographic trends taking place now within China could shape local consumers by 2020. Projections offered for: household incomes, discretionary spending, consumer demands and emerging consumer classes.

China's wine market has grown rapidly in recent years along with the rest of the country's food and beverage market. This report likes at what the future may have in store for imported wine makers in China as consumer tastes and local supply chains evolve. 

Feb 2012 China Consumer Trends and Sentiment (Riedel)

In early 2012, consumer sentiment in China was seen recovering to near record levels. This contemporary report looks at the rebound's implications for, among other things, personal finance, durable goods sales,  equities exposed to retail and industrial production as well as  employment expectations.

Am-Cham on China Consumer Market

This report identifies major trends emerging across China's diverse consumer market, such as the rise of e-commerce, the growing importance of value as a differentiator, and investment in infrastructure,

China's Cosmetics Market, 2011 (Li & Fung Research Centre)

This report offers an in-depth  overview China's cosmetics market. Special attention paid to: retail prices, distribution systems, emerging growth areas  as well as major foreign and domestic players operating in the market.


Outlook for Metals and Minerals, Half Year Results 2012 (Rio Tinto)

This report offers an overview of the global metals and minerals market from H1 2012, with an emphasis on China's demand outlook within the context of contemporary international economic developments. Data and forecasts for US, European and Indian markets also provided.

The Impact of China on Global Commodities Prices (The Open University)

This brief slideshow offers a selection of data to illustrate China's impact on the global commodities market as the country's demand for resources grows. 

China’s Impact on World Commodity Markets (IMF)

China's economic and political influence have made it a major player in the world commodities market. This report analyzes how Chinese demand and policy moves from the country's government are swaying global commodities prices, and possibly having major spillover effects on both emerging and developed nations alike. 

Mineral Commodity Summaries 2012 (US ministry of Interior)

This comprehensive report looks at the trends, events and programs which effected the global mineral market in 2011. Production and supply data provided for a wide range of mineral commodities.



How Green Will China's Next Growth Be? (Beijing Energy Club)

This slideshow presents statistics on China's current energy consumption as well as its goals to curb pollution and carbon emissions. 

Energy Regulation and Legislation in China (Xin Qiu and Honglin Li, Environmental Law Reporter)

This academic study offers an overview of energy regulations and legislation in China. Particular emphasis paid to the challenges and shortcomings facing current energy policy.

Understanding China’s Rising Coal Imports (Carnegie)

Despite having the world's second largest proven coal reserves after the US, China became the world's largest importer of coal in 2011. This report looks at the factors which contributed to China's recent rise in the global coal import market as well as the implications of the country's growing demand for overseas coal. 

Key China Energy Statistics 2011 (Berkeley National Laboratory/Dow Chemical)

This report  offers a wide range of data and statistics on China's energy industry. Information provided on energy supplies, transformation, consumption, pricing and emissions; broken down by region and energy source.  

Oil and Gas Security: People's Republic of China 2012 (International Energy Agency)

This report provides an overview of China's oil and gas industry, as well as the strategies taken by the government to cope with possible supply disruptions. Topics covered include: oil and gas infrastructure, demand and import dependence, pricing and storage. 

China's Energy Markets: Anhui, Chongqing, Henan and Guizhou Provinces (EPA)

This lengthy study from 2011 offers a detailed look at four major energy markets in central China. Extensive data provided on pricing, production, supply, infrastructure and demand for coal, electricity and natural gas in each region. 

Sustainable Low-Carbon City Development in China (The World Bank)

Rapid economic development and urbanization in China have created energy inefficiency and pollution problems which will need to be addressed as the country continues to grow. This book-length report aims to provide practical lessons on sustainable development for China and its rapidly expanding cities. 

Markey Analysis Report: China's Renewable Energy Industry (APCO)

This report from 2010 offers an overview of China's renewable energy industries, with particular emphasis given to the commercial opportunities its wind, solar and biomass/biomass power sectors hold for Israeli companies. Information also provided on: sales growth, industry regulations, challenges facing the domestic market, industry events and major domestic figures. 

Natural Gas in China (International Energy Agency)

China's consumption of natural gas has picked up considerably in recent years due to investment in energy infrastructure and government intervention on pricing. This report from 2009 looks at the structure of the natural gas industry and the forces shaping the market. Security and supply disruption issues also discussed.

China’s Energy Sector KPMG 

China’s Green Revolution (McKinsey)

China's urbanization and development efforts have been credited for lifting millions out of poverty, yet they have also taken a major toll on the country's environment. This in-depth study highlights the ecological challenges facing China as well as possible strategies for political and business leaders to protect the environment without slowing down economic growth. 


Food and Beverage

China Food & Beverage (HSBC)

As personal incomes grow in China, consumers are becoming more discerning. From an investment point of view, his report looks at  how food and beverage companies are adapting to keep pace with the changing market. Special attention paid to Tingyi, Uni-President China, Tsingtao Brewery, Mengniu Dairy, and Want Want. 

Credit Card Fee Reform to Benefit Retailers (CCB International)

This brief circular looks at what catering companies, department stories and specialty/luxury retailers can expect from governmental moves aimed at lowering credit card fees. 

USDA report on China Food Market

This report offers an overview of China's food market. Topics given special attention include: local dining and food consumption habits, features and characteristics of the food retail industry, guidelines and recommendations for market entry, as well as the advantages and challenges facing US food companies in the country.

Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual, 2012 (USDA)

This review of China's fresh deciduous fruit market covers several topics, including: the size of the market, pricing information for major fruit products, import and export details, trade policies and market trends. Production, supply and demand data also provided. 

Leather Market in China (Consulate General of Pakistan)

This report outlines China's leather market, with an emphasis on the opportunities and challenges it presents to leather companies and leather goods manufacturers from Pakistan.  Topics covered include: imports and exports, Chinese production, regional market features, national market structure, distribution channels and industry regulations.




Brandz China’s Top 50 Most Valuable Brands 2013 Outperform MSCI Index (Millward Brown)

This brief circular emphasizes the importance of branding for China's companies as well as several of the trends and developments seen last year among the country's 50 most valuable brands, as measured by BrandZ. 

Remaking 'Made in China' (JWT)

China may be a rising economic powerhouse, but it's brands have failed to make much impression  beyond the country's shores. This report looks at some of the challenges Chinese companies are facing as they try to build their brands as well as strategies which some the country's businesses have successfully used to overcome these obstacles. 

The State of China’s Cities 2012/2013 (Union Nations)

Since reform and opening-up more than three decades ago, China's urban landscape has undergone radical changes. This multifaceted report explores many of the consequences and implications for China as its cities continue to expand. 

China Quarterly Update: Sustaining Growth (World Bank)

From April, 2012, this report from the World Bank explored the economic and policy challenges facing China as the country's GDP growth slowed while the Eurozone slide into recession and the US struggled to recover from the financial crisis. 

Accenture Outlook: the Last 10 Miles | China (Accenture)

Chinese enterprises have grown quickly in recent decades, but few have found success outside of their home country. This report identifies key areas – including strategy, operations, human resources, marketing and culture – local companies should emphasize to strengthen their competitiveness in the international market.

Preparing for China’s Urban Billions (McKinsey)

As China's cities continue to expand, how will the country's central and local leaders cope with the challenges of an exploding urban population? This study outlines policy initiatives which could improve China's urban productivity, maintain robust economic growth and improve the country's  environmental record as more people pour into the country's cities.



Guide to China Market Salaries Q1 2013 (Gemini Personnel)

This survey lists approximate salary ranges for hundreds of different jobs in 15 different categories. Data gathered primarily from openings for local hires in first and second tier cities. Education and experience levels also provided for each position.



Logistics in China: An All-Inclusive Market? (PwC)

This in-depth study of China's rapidly growing logistics industry looks at shipping and transportation activities in companies across the automotive, retail, consumer goods, chemicals and engineering industries. A wide range of survey data also provided on topics such as: service quality and development, qualifications and availability of local logistics staff, satisfaction with customs and expectations for regulations. Emphasis on German companies operating in China. 



Global Reach of China Luxury (KPMG)

Rising incomes and policy moves aimed at spurring consumption have contributed greatly to China's  demand for luxury products and services. This survey looks at how Chinese shoppers are reshaping the luxury market both within China and around the world. 

China Consumer Report – Luxury: a Brand Awareness Upgrade (Roland Berger)

This study raises several strategic considerations for brands hoping to tap China's luxury market and attempts to describe the traits and behaviors which lead to purchases of up-market items. 

How consumer perceive luxury brands in China (Grail Research)

Chinese shoppers have a growing appetite for luxury goods, as well as strong options about luxury brands. This reports explores the cultural, economic and environmental factors which shape shopping habits and beliefs among local luxury consumers. 

Luxury retail's evolving landscape (Cognizant)

The global financial crisis, recession in Europe and the rise of emerging markets have fundamentally altered the luxury industry. This report identifies the strategies luxury goods makers have been adopting to meet the changing market in China and beyond. 

Revisiting the luxury market in China (Li & Fung Research Centre)

China's share of global luxury spending continues to increase rapidly and this report delves into the features of the country's luxury market while also looking at the shoppers driving its growth.

Chinese Luxury Consumer White Paper (Hurun / Industrial Bank)

The number of wealthy and high new worth individuals has increased dramatically in China over the past three decades. This report explores how the passage of time and changes within the country at large are impacting the buying habits of China's most affluent consumers. 

2011 China Luxury Market Study (Bain)

This 2011 year-end summary outlines the size and scale of China's luxury market while also highlighting emerging trends and their possible implications for luxury-segment companies.



PMI Report on China Manufacturing (Li & Fung)

This report summarizes China's official manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) for June 2012.

Market Analysis Report: China's Electronics Industry (APCO)

This report from 2009 (updated 2010) offers an overview of China's electronics industry, with particular emphasis given to the commercial opportunities its consumer electronics, semiconductor and flat panel display sectors hold for Israeli companies. Information also provided on: electronics sales growth, industry regulations, government policy support, challenges facing the domestic market, industry events and major domestic companies.



China Radiation Oncology Market (Elekta)

This slideshow offers a glimpse of China's growing oncology market. Emphasis on Elekta's performance in the country.

The Chinese Pharmaceutical industry: who is taking the ground? Francesca Spigarelli and Hao Wei)

This slideshow offers a selection of data covering China's pharmaceutical industry, while also looking ahead to what future reforms and societal  changes could mean for the market through the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period (2011-2016) and beyond. Data also provided on patent applications and approvals. 

New round of drug price cut in line with our expectations (Goldman Sachs)

This brief report discusses the financial implications of government moves to cut drug prices on China's pharmaceutical industry. 

The Chinese local pharmaceutical businesses is different from what you think (Deallus Group)

This brief circular offers a general introduction to China's pharmaceutical industry, with special attention paid to the opportunities it presents for foreign companies. 

China Pharmaceutical Industry (Technomic Asia)

This report from 2008 offers a quick overview of China's pharmaceutical industry. Data on top local drug distributors in 2007 provided. 

China Pharma Industry Research and Forecast to 2016 (Mindpower Solutions)

This lengthy report on China's pharmaceutical sector looks at the direction of contemporary research and market trends while also projecting ahead to make predictions about what the local market will look like in 2016. 

China’s Changing Role in the Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chain (Thomson Reuters)

This report provides a wide range of data to summarize China's place in the global pharmaceutical industry. Information provided on: regulatory, DMF/FDA filings in China; API manufacturing; cost comparisons; and presence in various global markets. 

Growing presence in global pharma supply chain

Pharmaceuticals China Bimonthly Report (CCM International Limited)

This report from early 2012 summarizes recent policy action aimed at China's drug market as well as some of the major factors impacting the market and industry. Emphasis on cancer treatment drugs. 

China Life Science 2012: From Local to Global; VC investment, IPO, M&A and partnering activity in China life science (ChinaBio LLC)

The potential of China's rapidly expanding life science market has caught the attention of both domestic and international bio-pharm companies. This report looks at the scale and features of the market, while also providing data on investment, partnership and restructuring deals seen across China's life science industry. 

Top Pharmaceutical Companies in the 2012 China Prescription Drug Sales Data Reports (Draco)

This report offers several lists of China's top pharmaceutical companies by market share. Divided by drug market – cancer, hypertension, diabetes, depression, arthritis, etc. 




The Chinese Book Market (Biz Peking, Buchinformationszentrum)

Even though China's book market has opened up in the last decade, publishing is still tightly controlled by the government. This report looks at the structure of the country's book market, recent developments within the industry as well as the sales and distribution channels open to publishers. Information also provided on: book fairs, copyright, online sales and digitization.




Market Insights: China (Colliers)

This site offers links to reports on the office, retail, residential and industrial real estate markets in several major Chinese cities (Shanghai,  Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou). Reports and forecasts for China and Asia also provided. Updated quarterly. 

Real Estate Outlook: China (BBVA)

This annual report on China's real estate market for 2012 looks at market trends, relevant policy initiatives and the prospects of the residential property market. Authors conclude that a sharp pick-up is unlikely in light of government pledges to restrain the market. 

China Research (Pilot) October 2012 (Real Estate Foresight)

This report on China's real estate market aims to situate contemporary trends in the country's retail, office and residential property sectors amid broader developments taking shape in the domestic economy and the financial market. 

China Report – Latest Data Analysis (Real Estate Foresight)

This brief circular looks at residential home price movements from late 2012 across 100 Chinese cities.

The Dragon is Stirring: China Corporate Real Estate Survey 2012 (Jones Lang LaSalle)

This report summarizes the challenges and opportunities facing China's dynamic corporate real estate market. Based on information provided from 46 Chinese corporations. 

China's Housing Market: Is a Bubble About to Burst? (Milken Institute)

This report assess China's real estate market and explores  the question of whether the country's economy is exposed to a housing bubble following a decade of rising home prices and government stimulus policies which loosened lending for home purchases. Also considered is the Chinese government's ability to cope with such a bubble should one really exist. Supplemental sections describe changes in China's housing market since 1978 and policy devices employed at the local level to control regional housing markets.

China Real Estate: Looking Beyond the Policy Conundrum (HSBC)

This report from early 2012 examines the investment opportunities presented by the Chinese real estate market amid tightening administrative controls and mounting capital costs. Also provided: an overview of major local property developers. 

China Real Estate Investment Handbook (Deloitte)

This lengthy guide to China's real estate market from early 2012 covers a variety of topics of relevance to investors, such as: domestic real estate taxes, capital inflow and outflow details, regulations covering the property market and industry, corporate financing channels, accounting guidelines and restructuring policies. 

Mainland China Real Estate Markets 2012: ULI Analysis of City Investment Prospects (Urban Land institute)

This report looks at the potential of 28 mainland cities from an investment and development point of view. Based on data collected from 138 surveys and 40 interviews with industry leaders in Hong Kong and the mainland. 

Risk of Housing Bubble Collapse in China Extremely Remote (Shinichi Seki, Japan Research Institute)

Concerns that China's economy could be hit by a housing bubble collapse intensified in late 2011. However, the author of this report argues that the  chances of  such a collapse are unlikely. Data provided on housing as an investment target and a driver of economic growth. 

Q4 2011 Greater China Quarterly (Knight Frank)

This report from late 2011 looks at  developments  shaping the markets for residential and commercial property in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Detailed information provided on prices, rents, vacancy rates and major property projects. 

Beijing's New Challenge: China's Post-Crisis Housing Bubble(Carneige) 

This report from 2010 looks at steps being taken by the Chinese government to ease the investment bubble which many feared was developing around China's housing market. Although a dramatic collapse of the country's housing and financial markets is here deemed unlikely, the implications of a slowdown are considered.  




Is the Honeypot Still as Sweet as Hoped? Spotlight on China's Retail Market (Frank Knight)

China's thriving retail market showed signs of slowing in late 2012, forcing many global retailers to tap the brakes on expansion plans in the country. This report looks at recent trends seen among retailers and developers in the country's market. Also provided: rent data, list of major developer activity, breakdown of floor space by city and online retail statistics. 

China: Retail IH 2012 (Goldman Sachs)

This report highlights the “hard landing” seen in Chinese consumption in 1H 2012, while also looking ahead at what macro conditions may hold in store for staple and discretionary spending in 2013. 

China: Growing Opportunities in an Exploding Consumer Market (China Integrated)

While first addressing “misconceptions” about China and its economic development, this brief report (the first in a series) looks at the range of opportunities still available in the local consumer market. Details about income distribution also mentioned.

China's Retail Market Update (Li & Fung)

This in-depth review of China's retail market examines recent developments witnessed among consumers and retailers. Special attention given to the performances of the country's largest retailers as well as government initiatives with implications for the industry. 

Guosen securities retail sector outlook (interesting look at retailers future performance)

This report argues that China is entering a “post-retail era,” much like Japan, South Korea and the US did decades ago.  The authors also outline the forces driving this transition as well as what it could mean for Chinese retail stocks and A-share investors. 

Value Partners retail opportunities in China

Private consumption in China continues to expand faster than GDP, yet the country's retail structure and vast geographic expanses have created difficult conditions in which to operate. This brief report aims to provide foreign retailers with advice on how to succeed in the country's market. 

China’s Chocolate War (Lawrence L. Allen)

This brief report offers a summary of China's nascent chocolate market as well as a look at how the world's “Big Five” chocolate companies aimed to win local consumers. 

Consumer Trends: Confectionery in China (Canadian Consulate)

China has become one of Asia's largest and fastest growing confectionery markets in recent years. This report looks at several of the consumer and retail trends seen in the country's sweets market. Details on new product offerings and sales forecasts through 2016 also provided. 

China Retail Sector Report (Platinum Broking) 

This report looks at the impressive growth witnessed in China's retail industry along with expanding incomes and policies aimed at spurring consumption and urbanization. Specific retailers and retail segments also discussed in detail. 

The Case for China Retail: Issues and Opportunities (Prudential)

China's enormous growth potential has made it an attractive target for property investment. This report outlines the opportunities the country presents to investors as well as the fundamental forces set to shape the domestic retail market in the future. 

China Retail Investment Outlook 2012: Gearing Up for Domestic Demand (Jones Lang Lasalle)

Capital from Asia and beyond continues to flow into China's retail industry thanks to strong fundamentals and government efforts to spur domestic consumption. This brief report discusses both the potential upsides and pitfalls awaiting investors looking to tap this promising sector as demand strengthens.

Winning in Greater China: Insights and Strategies for Success in 2012 (Nielsen)

This annual report from 2011 points at broad consumer trends taking shape in China. Possible strategies for businesses looking for an edge with local shoppers are also discussed. 

What Chinese Shoppers Really Do But Will Never Tell You (Bain)

As supermarkets and hypermarkets cement their footholds in China's urban retail space, consumption patterns are also changing. This report examines the consumer and retail trends  impacting  sales at these two types of retail locations. 

China City Profiles 2012: An Overview of 20 Retail Locations (Jones Lang LaSalle)

This report looks at 20 major cities in China in terms of the opportunities they present for retailers. Major sub-markets and prominent retail figures also listed for each city. 

The Chinese Market for Clothing (International Trade Centre)

This in-depth look at China's clothing market reviews a variety of topics, including: the structure and  prominent features of the market, opportunities for businesses, consumer behaviors, major companies within the industry, regulations covering online sales and import tariffs, standards for the packaging and labeling of clothing and garments, etc.

Female consumers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China were found by the authors of this academic study to differ greatly in several distinct areas, including their outlook on family and domestic life as well as their career goals and brand consciousness. This paper delineates the similarities, differences and evolving attitudes of women age 18 to 35 in each location. 




Chinese Online Gaming (Cabot)

Even though China is already home to the world's largest video game market, the authors of this report argue that the market still has room to grow. Industry profit models and popular game types also mentioned. 

UCWeb Mobile Internet Report: An Inside Look at Android User Behavior (UCWeb / Data Center of China Internet)

This report from UCWeb, a Chinese developer of mobile Internet software and applications, breaks down behavioral and demographic trends seen among users of UCWeb's browser on Android-backed devices. 

Click by Click: How consumers are changing China's e-commerce landscape (Mckinsey)

This brief report on e-commerce in China describes the broad commercial and consumer barriers facing the online shopping market. 

Online Retailing in China (Li & Fung Research Centre)

This report outlines China's e-commerce market and explores several recent developments within the country's online retail industry. The competitive landscape, challenges for industry players and government initiatives aimed at the market are also discussed. 

Ecommerce Innovation: P&G China and (P&G)

This slideshow touches  upon P&G's presence in China's e-commerce market. 

Retail and E-commerce (American Chamber of Commerce)

This bilingual report discusses the Chinese government's regulation of e-commerce while also outlining  possibilities for improving the online retail market. 

BCG China Digital Generations 3.0: The Online Empire (BCG)

As more and more Chinese use the Internet for shopping, they are also showing their own unique habits and consumption patterns. This report looks at the behaviors and  traits of China's swelling population of Internet users.  

Impact of social media in China (Booz and Co)

The rise of social media, particularly Sina's Weibo microblogging platform, has created a new and rapidly evolving market for advertisers. This brief overview of China's social media landscape highlights broad strategics considerations for businesses moving to tap this segment of the Internet market. 

E-commerce in China (China Retail Group)

This summary broadly outlines China's e-commerce market. Key points relevant to foreign retailers considering tapping this market are also mentioned. 

Top 50 Most Searched for Luxury Brands in China (Digital Luxury Group)

This list from November-December 2011 ranks China's 50 most-searched-for luxury brands. Rankings broken down across six segments – cars, fashion, beauty, hospitality, watches and jewelry.,%20Digital%20Luxury%20Group.pdf 

China television Industry Market Report (Italian Trade Commission)

China has more television-watchers than any other country, although foreign production companies and content providers have long been kept at a distance from this huge market. This report from the Italian Trade Commission aims to provide Italian television companies with an overview of the opportunities and challenges China's television market has to offer.

Market Analysis Report: China's Enterprise Software Industry (APCO)

China's enterprise software market is among the fastest growing in the world. This report examines the market and the opportunities it represents, as well as the regulatory   environment surrounding it. Special attention paid to regional industry hubs and development centers.

The video games market in China: Moving online (KPMG)

This report from 2007 looks at China's contemporary video game market, with particular attention paid to trends related to the rising importance of online gaming.

Destination Digital: Opportunites in China's media and advertising market (KPMG)

This report from 2008 looks at  contemporary developments within China's digital media market and their implications for advertisers. Regional trends and regulations also discussed. 

Mckinsey china’s social media boom (WRONG LINK)




Chinese International Travel Monitor 2012 (

As more Chinese head abroad, they represent a major opportunity for the world hotel industry. This brief report looks at the changing habits and demands seen among Chinese travelers, as well as strategies used by leading hotels to better accommodate their Chinese guests. 

How the Rise of Chinese Tourism Will Reshape the Face of the European Travel Industry (Hilton Hotels & Resorts)

With Chinese outbound tourists representing a major opportunity for travel service providers worldwide, this study from 2011 explores how the tourism industry in Europe can prepare to meet the growing demand. Emphasis on: trends and factors driving Chinese to Europe and recommendations for capitalizing on the potential of the country's travelers. 

Outbound Tourism from Mainland China (HVS)

This report looks at travel and consumption habits  among mainland Chinese, particularly those traveling to other Asian countries and regions within Greater China (e.g. Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao). Suggestions also  offered on  how travel service providers and hoteliers can better accommodate their mainland clientele. 

Taking Off: Travel and Tourism in China and Beyond (Boston Consulting Group)

This report from 2011 looks at the changing trends seen among Chinese outbound and domestic travelers, with an emphasis on spending as well as travel habits and preferences. Also included are possibilities for how travel businesses can better serve Chinese travelers and capitalize on the country's emerging travel market. 



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